“The Renaissance”

The Renaissance was a testament to the power of human potential, where the pursuit of knowledge, art, and ideas flourished. Let’s embark on our own renaissance, awakening our intellectual curiosity, nurturing our creativity, and sparking a revival that will shape the world for generations to come.

“The Aspiration”
Nusa Ka Satu is a Penang base investment powerhouse that are driving a change in the region by aggregating f&b supply chain, unlocking  real estate & incubating IPO-able projects, aim to be listed in KLSE with a market cap if RM5Billion by 2027.

About ​us.

Nusa Ka Satu a formidable world class conglomerate driven by innovation and excellence. With a diverse portfolios spanning industries, our great mission is revolutionize global stage. Through strategic partnerships and cutting-edge technologies, we are transforming the food supply chain and improving lives. By unlocking under- utilized assets and rejuvenating spaces in Penang, we drive economic activities and create a vibrant heritage city. Leveraging Penang’s strategic advantages, we attract top talent and mobilize capital to propel Penang into a global powerhouse. Our dedication to excellence and innovation is shaping a future where ideas flourish and opportunities abound. 

Who we are?
We are a group of dynamic professionals and forward-thinking company driven by a shared mission to unlock potential and empower our communities. We, as a group of passionate Penang natives and citizens, are driven by the vision of unlocking Penang’s true economic treasure. Our philosophy is deeply ingrained in our work as we recognize the untapped potential of Penang, stemming from its rich history, strategic geographical location, and natural beauty. With unwavering belief in this potential, we aim to spearhead a movement that will redefine the island’s history. Our vision encompasses the fusion of talent, technology, and innovative business models to provide transformative solutions to the community while simultaneously maximizing value for our shareholders.

What we do?
Our organization stands on three pillars – SRPNG, HARTA, and TROKA – each with a unique mission and vision. SRPNG revolutionizes the food industry, emphasizing the well-being of all stakeholders in the supply chain. HARTA transforms underutilized assets into vibrant spaces, fostering community empowerment. TROKA drives impactful IPO-able projects, harnessing the power of ideas, talents, and capital. Together, we are a force of transformation, committed to revolutionizing industries, enhancing livelihoods, and building a better future. With our unwavering dedication, expertise, and passion, we create a lasting impact that resonates, leaving a profound legacy for generations to come.

Our Approach.
Nusa Ka Satu is built and driven by a compelling approach, ensuring we create a lasting impact on the entire ecosystem we delve into.